30 Days of Liberation | Day 27

Lessons Learned

As I approach the end of this challenge, I find myself reflecting on the lessons learned.

Repetition builds momentum. Just by showing up and doing the work, you feel like something larger is happening.

All about you. When you remain in the mindset of doing a challenge for you, there is nobody else to blame or praise than yourself.

Before you know it. The days add up quickly, therefore so does the improvement of your method, your confidence, and your commitment.

Quality is secondary. First is the act itself. All else is secondary. Quality comes and goes but improves as you do. Quantity is the key.

Move to your next goal. Before you realise it, you’ve already nearly competed your goals. Set a new one, slightly bigger and at least as challenging to your current one was when you initially started. This assured e edition and completion.

Share with few. Find strength through a small audience. Use your inner feedback as your reference for success. By being your own number one fan you can progressively trust in your own feedback.

What could you do for 30 days that could incrementally improve your personal or professional life?

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