30 Days of Liberation | Day 29

Next Challenge: 30 Days of Authenticity

On to the next challenge. Being authentic. What stops us fro mexpressing ourselves more authentically? Our feeling of vulverability. So this is as much a challenge in vulnerability as it is autheticity.

I have chosen to be in front of the camera . This challenge is somewhat easier on one level and more challenging on others. The same structure applies as before, produce and share one piece. It doesn’t matter at all the quality or quantity. The theme can be random from one day to the next, which is ideal, since it gives a chance to explore without fixing on any one specific topic.

What about writing? The writing process is still there as it will be the form of exploring and developing the ideas before filming. We propose a one minute limit just to start this off. It’s something that can be shot and shared easily without any editing.

Keep it raw. Even keep in the start and stop footage. See that it’s about authenticity more than anything. Shoot once. Share. Done. Could it be so raw and unrehearsed? Yes, of course. The point is to remove all resistance to being in front of the camera. You have 30 days to do this, so the sooneer you let go the sooner the feeling of vilnerability fades and authenticiy increasily immerges.

Idea riff: silent film. sitting and thinking. exploring movement. speaking about a random thoughts. showing a piece of art. telling a story. playing with light. doing anything. doing nothing.

This will be a big challenge that will bring great results. Trust in the process over the product. The benefits will be obvious. It’s a body of work, so the full completed collection is the value, not one particular video.

What could you do that would allow you to fully express your authenticity?

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