30 Days of Liberation | Day 30

Challenge Complete.

The feeling of completing a challenge can bring mixed feelings. On one side there is a sense of accomplishment while on another there is a sense of uncertainty of what’s to come. Perhaps in this feeling lays the true joy of not knowing that we may call mystery.

One of the diffiulties in seeing your changes over a set period of time is that it’s not as measurable as say loosing weight, lifting heavier weights or running a longer distance in a shorter time. In this case, how do we quantify liberation?

Perhas we don’t. We just continue by observing those moments of inner resistance then continue. Perhaps the best sign of progress will be seen in other aspects of your life, like in your art, your relationship and your sense of inner peace.

There is a lightness to sharing that I certainly hadn’t felt before. There is a sense of the inner critic being silenced or at least restrained enough not to empede my creative acts. There is a trust in process that wasn’t there before.

Perhaps it’s clear to you as well, that 30 days is only the beginning of the development of any new practice. It’s the integration of the practice, into your daily life, that is most essential to take away from this experience.

Thank you for follow along this challenge. If you have found some value, please send me a note to say hello. Info@stephenrasmussen.com

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