30 Days of Liberation | Day 12

Why I Write

Clearly the act of writing has very deep significence. My own process started by a sudden realization that I had been gifted an incredible language, one that is highly valued, and that I wasn’t appreciating it. So I begin to journal and to read as a way to appreciate this gift for the first time.

The process of journalling has changed so much over the years. Like any relationship you have with a tool, it must be allowed to change depending on your needs. Having some structure helps to anchor you into some sort of framework that makes the pratice a daily ritual.

The formulation of ideas is a big aspect of why I write. It’s about thinking out loud with yourself, without judgement or justification. This was a big challenge in the beginning, but once overcome, gave me the sense of liberation that I was perhaps seeking all along.

Writing as a tool for libertion? Absolutely. Liberation from those never ending thoughts in your head. It’s a way to connect with ‘self’ and to diologue with that part of your that knows. It’s liberating to know that you know, not in the intellectual sense but in the deeper sense of an internal wisdom.

Many challenging moments where I would not have faired as well, including overcoming sadness, solitude and the deep need for self realization, if it wasn’t for the ability to flow in words.

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