30 Days of Liberation | Day 13

Move Upwards

Today’s journalling session was very deep and intense. Following one’s inner guidance can yield incredible surprises. It’s as if your ‘self’ knows what the next conversation should be, then by surrending your need to control your mental space, you then become an observer and recorder of a flow on sciousness that is being translated into words.

The theme was about our material existance, specificly about how we often operate on a purely materistic and animalistic level. We just need to look at advertising to see what we are being sold and told is the purpose of our experience is. The solution? Look within.

The first key seems to be about becoming more aware of what ‘level’ we are operating on. Are we only feeding our body and it’s base needs? Can we begin to nurish other levels of our being? How do we defend against the power of a society that seems to only encourage living a life that mimics that of a basic animal.

Andreas Mamet, my late friend and meditatiion master used to ask, “What is your higher choice?”. The simplest example was to ask this question when you open your friend. The power of this question is in it’s simplicity. We know the answer, always. We know that our innner self has these anwers very clear. The question becomes, to we then act on our ‘higher choice’ or not.

Our inner animal will choose a quick fix to a problem, an indulgence or a survival based solution. It’s what it is meant to do. Yet, if we only operate in this mode, how can we elevate beyond? What does a higher being look like? How do they behave? What is their level of awareness?

The chakra within our body can give us the key to the direction we can move in – upwards. One look at ther order of these energy centres will reveal a signifant question. Where are your spedning most of your energy? In survival mode? Reproduction and sexual throughts and activities? Egoic pursuits? Or are you operating in the realms of creativity, love, compassion and higher spiritual energetic realms?

The message seems clear, move upwards on the scale. Sure, we need to take care of our basic needs first. Yet, let’s not get stuck there. By going beyond your basic needs, these requirements become even more easily satisfied.

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