30 Days of Liberation | Day 14

Make Many Mistakes

This idea popped into my head this morning… what would happen if I approached my arts with the goal of making mistakes? What form could this take?

Firsly, I suppose it’s necessary to define some parameters, then aim for the highest number of pieces possible. A reward is then given based purely on the quantity of final art. This could be x number of pages of writing, x number of painted pieces, x amount of footage capturing my movement explorations, etc.

What is the goal here? To remove any and all resistance to showing up and doing it. Whatever your ‘it’ is. Do ‘it’. What does volume of work give you? It gives you an opportunity to curate a selection of your favorites ie choose best 5 of the 50. You can learn to observe what trends or patterns are working better and to shape your process based on this self feedback or from others. You open up a diologue that can inspire even more action. You include others in your art process. You learn to seperate yourself from your work, thus softening your perfectionism, by producing so much work that you are forced to select the best and let go of the rest.

This could come in the form of a self assigned project or challenge, like I am doing here with my 30 Days of Liberation. As I wrap up the first half of this process, I feel how my resistance has greatly dimished. It’s clear that it has become a habit of typing everyday yet without sacrificing my long hand morning journalling practice, which is sacred to me.

Sometimes it feels like ‘I don’t care’. Maybe this is a good thing? Why should we care about everything we create? Somedays it will feel mechanical while others will feel extraordinary. Somedays it may be better to take a break for a day, if you trust that you will showup the following day with more vigor.

Just some questions and thoughts to think about.

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