30 Days of Liberation | Day 15

Over the Hump

This is officially the hump day. Half way through the game. Today was
busy, so this is the true test of showing up, literally at the 11th
hour. Why it’s important to make it, versus doubling up tomorrow?

I made a commitment to my self. This is the only reason necessary. It’s
an agreement that must be honored. It’s far too convenient just to skip
a day. We have no need for quality here, so just pushing the keyboard in
various places is a win.

The mind play tricks, saying things like “you won’t find success in
writing”, “You aren’t a writer”, “Why aren’t you focusing on what you
really do, who you really are.” They make it a good point, yet it’s
missing the point. I never starting writing for success. I never claimed
that I was or want to be labelled as a writer. Finally, has always
helped me to better understand who I am, why I am here, an how I can do
what I do even better.

So the next rime you hit the hump, just jump and see where you land.

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