30 Days of Liberation | Day 16

Get the Worm

After cutting it close yesterday, I decided to get to my writing early
today, even postponed my journaling until later.

Sunday morning should have a magic. There is a since of less is more.
Peace is favored over music. A sense of reflection and a fresh
perspective. Could we make every morning like this? Sure, we do have to
get up and get onto to make the most of the morning energy after a good
night’s sleep.

Where is the balance between being and doing? Perhaps this is more of a
mindset. Doing seems more natural, as if it’s been training and
conditioned into us. Perhaps it’s about the belief that our value is in
what we do, what we create, what we produce. What if we could give
ourselves more value to who we are and to acknowledge and celebrate this
more. Do we always value others by what they do or even do for us? The
people I admirer just -are. There is nothing required from them. Just
being with them is satiating, nourishing and inspiring. Could we see the
same about being with our ‘self’? How powerful would our most important
relationship become?

Perhaps the mindset is to treat yourself like you do the person you
admire the most. Why should it be any different? Why are we harder on
ourselves than on the others me admire?

Food for thought. Now it’s time for food for belly.

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