30 Days of Liberation | Day 17

My Doubts

Does this writing process have value for me?
Do my words have potential value for others?
Do I need to go deeper on the themes?

In reverse order, I would say that depth will come. Right now, it’s
about working out the themes that most interest me while sticking with
the theme of liberation.

Any creative process has personal value. If you keep the framework
loose, as I have tried to here, then one can be less attached with a
specific outcome and more open to the value that comes. There is a lot
of trust being applied here, yet having defined the importance of the
routine of writing and sharing, the potential rewards outway the risks
(which aren’t even real)

Value to others, sure. Again, this process is first about my liberation.
By sharing ones challenges and triumphs, is innately valuable by the
nature of the authentic vulnerability needed for any act which extends
one further out of their comfort zone.

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