30 Days of Liberation | Day 18

Switching Roles

As a photographer, we become accustomed to being behind the camera and
in control. A few years back, I tried my hand in front of the camera as
a commercial actor. This taught me many valuable lessons.

In order to truly know how someone feels, we must be in their situation.
In order to be a good director we must learn to be directed. The act of
switching roles, which I commonly do on photoshoots, allows the subject
to see clearly what you are looking for. This gives them a reference
point to work from, which is often easily communicated by action versus

I’ve learned a deeper level of subtlety in the micro movements and
expressions required to get the right feeling in the image. By
connecting with a certain mood or feeling within you it can help to
guide your actions, movements and expression. This may be obvious but
not as easy as it sounds.

Changing for physical posture or employing movement can shift your mood.
An example is to jump up and down for a few minutes to raise your
excitement level. Or by walking with a slouch while looking at the
ground helps you to enter a melancholic or reflective mood.

Accept yourself. Be you. This is probably the most challenging since we
have so many layers of identity within our various roles. A
surrendering, entering the moment and connecting within can be brought
about by some basic meditation practice.

Can you switch roles in order to see a new perspective on what you do?

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