30 Days of Liberation | Day 20

Two Thirds

Pushing past the sticky point in this challenge, I come to a place where I need to refine the process. Therefore, I will emplement a few changes. 

The first, I will write a few posts in one sitting. Second, I will read and refine the articles in a few stages. Three, I will focus on more specific themes that I am most interest in or more knowledgeable about.

So let’s begin. What are the themes that I wish to write about? I will list several: Martial arts. Photography. Creativity. Writing. Acting. Masculinity. Reading. Purpose. Liberation. Flow. Connection. Expression. Warrior Dance. Silat. Contact Dance. Fasting. Movement. Meditation. Philosophy. Psychology.

Clearly there is no shortage of themes to write about, These represent both my foundation of experience and my ongoing curousity to learn. Perhaps I should be focusing on writing about what I know, yet the themes I am curous about are also important to me.

What are you curious about? How could you combine it with your expertise?

The magic is in the mix.

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