30 Days of Liberation | Day 21

Whst Do We Really Know

As I sit down to write, I ask myself the question, “What do I really know?” Although I journal everyday about things I don’t know much, somehow it feels different here. Perhaps an attitude change is needed in order to remind myself of why I am showing up.

I’m not here as any authority. I am writing and sharing in order to learn more about the topics that interest me. Perhaps this is why I have been avoiding deeper topics. As if there is some danger of being wrong or sharing too much. If one wishes to connect with others, they have to put themselves out then, even if it means being wrong.

Then again, what is right now maybe become wrong later, by the nature that we understand and see the things differently. What is truly ‘fixed’? Our lives certainly aren’t, nor is science, nature, the economy, relationships, our health, etc. So knowledge, truth and understanding is highly moldable depending on our ever changing environment.

So we are always speakin g, writing and expressing ourselves from the place we are at NOW. Therefore, it’s true for us, based on all the information and understanding we have, in that moment. So we can only keep creating and expressing ourselves, knowing that tomorrow may cringe or cheer as we reflect on something we prevously created.

Are you wishing to express something that you struggle to put to worlds? Is there an image that yearns to be materialized? Is there an idea in your head that won’t go away?

Let it out.

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