30 Days of Liberation | Day 22

Next Challenge

Now that the end is in sight, it’s time to think about my next challenge. Instead of allowing for a break, I’ve decided to keep this momentum going by defining my next goal.

Many ideas come to mind. Although I still wonder if writing in the this way is my thing, I continue to remain open to see the broader possabilites this writing habit can bring. As compared to other habits, like drinking beer or watching series, it’s infinately more valuable, even if it’s still unclear what that value is. Reminder to self: the only goal was liberation.

Let’s rif on some possible ideas of how words could be shaped: Poetry. Autobiography. Short story. Mix word with paint. Photos with words. Video from article. Interview. Animation. Book description.

Once again, there is many ideas to work from. Perhaps this way of thinking is more expansive than only thinking of writing for writing sake. Having a bigger vision of how those words could be used would help to bring more focus to the writing process.

How could words become more influencial in your life?

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