30 Days of Liberation | Day 24

What To Write When You Don’t Know What To Write

My morning journalling has a natural flow that I’ve become accustomed to. Usually, it’s about answering the first question that comes to mind. Often, this is enough to directly enter a flow allowing my higher self to guide my writing. I used to have moments where I question the ‘legitimacy’ of this pratice, then I realised by the quality of what I was receiving, it is the my best process of writing. Let’s try to flow of consciousness writing now.

What has changed in the last week or so? You have given up your resistance. There are many ways that you were hanging on to old aspects that are no longer needed. Now you are free. Free to express more clearly what is within you without any need to choose, label or judge that which is flowing from you. You have seen this in your dance, in your writing and progressivley in other froms of expression. Allowing the flow to take over is the biggest challenge, yet ironically requires zero effort.

We can see how you are much more in the moment. You are no longer quesioning who you are and subesequently have no need for labels. Sure, you will tag a label on what you do so others can put your into the category for their mind to understand, but you do not need it. You could ever just share the randomness of what you do without labelling anything, just as experiement. How many different activites could you share? What interesting conversation could this inspire with others?

People do enjoy documenting their life. We understand that you feel it’s unnecssarey, yet on another level you know it’s an importnt way to truly connect with a greater network of people who share the same interests and values. These people need a light to guide them on your path, someone who represents aspects in them waiting to be birthed. Your acts themselves, when shared, are enough to be that inspiration for others. The more you can detach from any need for feedback, the more immune you are to any precupation of critisism and the more free you are to creature on a larger scale.

How can you begin let go more?

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