30 Days of Liberation | Day 25


The best definition I’ve heard for abundance is: “Abundance is the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it.” ~ Bashar. The simplicity and power of this can’t be understated. It’s clear that we live in a world that is constantly fighting for our attention. This can bring confusion between ‘wants’ and ‘needs’, since we can continually being told that we ‘need’ a specific product to be x. Insert successful, attractive, wealthy, desirable, etc. So how can we rediscover our true needs?

Certain needs are obvious, like food, water and shelter. In modern society, this requires money, which means some form of making that money. That said, once we have these baselines needs to be satisfied, why are continually looking for more? If it because of our ancient instinct to prepare for drought, famine, or war? Or is it a modern disease of always want more, one perpetuated by a materialistically driven society that is so power driven that we can no longer decipher what we truly need. What if the more is something deeper within us?

Try sitting with yourself for a few minutes, then ask yourself a simple question. What need is looking to be satisfied within me right now? Try to go beyond your physical needs and look for a deeper sensation that is subtle yet clear. Perhaps it’s challenging to put that feeling into words, so just try writing down those words as they come into your mind. Look to narrow them down in order to find the deeper needs looking to be satisfied.

What next? Write them down. Focus on their feeling. Then go about your day while being aware of any signs and cues to indicate opportunities to satisfy these needs. Once you feel a pull, allow your curiosity to guide you into taking a step in that direction to see where it takes you.

By satisfying your deeper need, how will you feel?

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