30 Days of Liberation | Day 01

After a decade of journaling, it felt like the right moment to begin sharing words. Somehow, it seemed like a much more daunting task than showing my photograph, which originally took a great deal of courage.

As the title implies, this series is inspired by the topic of liberation. The goal is simple: to achieve a higher level of creaive expression. The secondary wish in to inspire others, maybe you, to pursue the same endevaor.

Setting this challenge was about facing up to my own inward blocks. Therefore, I set an easily achievable MVP or minimal viable product. 30 days of blogging. The only expectation is to showup for 30 days and type. For me, this means ignoring all of the excuses. There are many, so here are a few. “I will begin blogging once I have… more time, new macbook, a bigger studio, read a dozen more books.” As I write these I feel liberted from their power over me. So this post has already done the job.

Another thing. Please don’t be offended, but I’m not doing this for you – ‘the audience’. Although I am grateful for your interest. I’m here, putting on my oxygen mask first, so I will be better equiped to help you with yours.

Also, the quantity and quality is irrevelent, so let’s agree to keep our expecations, both yours and mine, to a healthy minimal. These are perhaps the greatest deterents for starting something new in the form of unrealistic goals. We look at experts and expect to perform like they do. The secret is, they all battle the same demons. The only difference is that they have learned how to win the battles, at least most of the time, so they can win the war.

Your challenge, if you choose to follow, will be to endure spelling mistakes, grammatic errors, sketchy logic and odd ideas. Yet, if you allow yourself to suspend judgement in order to receive ‘something’. What is that ‘something’? I don’t have3 an answer, yet. I suppose that depends on you and what you are looking for. Are you up for the challenge?

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