30 Days of Liberation | Day 03

Morning Shame

One thing I’ve noticed is how, when I wakeup in the morning, I have this impulse to remove my last blog post. What is this all about? Is this some form of morning shame, as if you didn’t something wrong and wish to immediately undue it? Perhaps this is part of the liberation process, so I trust that they only way is to continue.

Maybe liberation is about doing the thing in spite of this inner resistance. It’s all inward. Outwardly, I just sit here and type. It’s that easy. I tell myself, these aren’t even my words, so why be ashamed! I never invented or created these words, just throwing them together to dissolve resistance. “Do the thing and you will have the power” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson. Am I seeking power? If I were honest with myself, then yes. Inner power over outer power, meaning personal power. Power over my fear, resistance, procrastination, and hesitation – just to name a few. Perhaps they are all connected.

Show up. This is my only goal here. I also realized the power of quantity. Suddenly, having written 3 posts means that there is less pressure that any one particular post is good or bad. They average out. Even more powerful, is the idea that the collective body of work, over a period of say 30 days , becomes ever more valuable and so many ways. After 365 posts, surely there is ‘something’. Ideas are formed, structure developed, tone set, voice found, confidence gained, and the abandonment of self judgement.

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