30 Days of Liberation | Day 04

The Part of You That Knows

Once the power of your favorite excuses fades, you are left with only the residual resistance of laziness, which can be easily overcome with reminding yourself that you want this. You have chosen to give more, sharer more and be more. So here you are, stepping up to deliver whatever is pending in your mind.

What is pending today? Naturally, one becomes curious to know where a new practice may lead. That said, perhaps this too can lead to expectations, something best avoided during the early stages of any new activity. Just remind yourself of the only goal – show up.

During my journalism session this morning, I questioned the difference between journalism and blogging. The conclusion was to aim for the same sense of flow and connection in each. Sure, one is private and one public, yet how you get there can be the same. The main difference is you may wish to refine, edit and curate your writing in order to make it more consumable by others. Again, it’s early days for me to make crystal clear guidelines, but I trust in the process revealing the way that works best for me.

My journal is written in second perspective ie. “You did very well today.” How did this come about? There was a clear shift one day when I began to writer from the place of ‘self’ or observer. One advantage is that it allows you to enter a state of flow to ‘receive’ versus thinking about what you are writing. In simpler terms, image you are writing as your own coach. The biggest advantage is theĀ  positive tone that naturally radiates from the part of you that simply knows the answer to the questions. More on this in a future post.

Can you connect with the part of you that knows? Try meditation to start. Aim to sink down into the part of you that observes your mental, physical or emotion state. We often say, “I am happy”. Yet, what is the part of you that observes this happiness? Once you enter that space, you discover that his part of your is always happy, peaceful, loved, accepted, supported, etc.

Give this some thought.

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