30 Days of Liberation | Day 05


How is your liberation process going? The feeling is similar to losing weight, getting stronger or improving a new skill. Many days pass then suddenly one day you notice your improvement. It’s that sense of a ‘click’ of something coming into alignment. Your consistent showing up gifts you with some tangible results. You have reached another milestone. Keep going.

Somehow, I seem to blog better at the end of the day. Perhaps it’s the added pressure of time that helps me to focus. Maybe it’s a way to separate morning journaling from this new process. I do feel a need to protect my journaling somehow, as if it could be replaced by this form of writing by keyboard.

Writing by hand provides more feeling. These words also feel personal, but in a different way. Maybe knowing that they will be out there, at least temporarily, gives it another feeling and purpose. When is the last time you wrote down something you have been thinking or feeling?

My stacks of 40+ journals represent a body of work to draw from for my writing process. How does one approach this? Perhaps I pick a random one and begin reading, as if I’m looking to learn something. Highlighting some aspects, I then include these in my website article a.k.a. Blog. I’m not convinced I like the term ‘blog’ as it seems somewhat diminutive.

Back to liberation, since this is the theme. What words, thoughts, images and ideas are seeking liberation in me? This will be a helpful prompt for my writing. Again, at this point I’m simply exercising my liberation muscles to see where it takes me.

What one act could you perform this week to bring you a sense of liberation?


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