30 Days of Liberation | Day 06

A Sigh of Relief

The process of liberation can feel like a burden. One more daily commitment you have to take on. Perhaps this is the necessary level of commitment to reach the desired goal of freedom. But Is there a better way? Can we experience freedom by simply letting go? 

By expressing a sigh of relief, you can begin to feel a sense of surrender. I’ve noticed that, when I allow myself to relax, I naturally breath out a sigh. As I explored this further by modifying the sound, it became more of a mantra. The sound of OM became more powerful, not by forcing the exhale but by simply releasing and directly this energy. Could meditation be just that easy?

Along with this new method, I realized that you can simply simulate a sigh to awaken this effect. As you repeat, this sigh becomes more natural and more effective as a tool for relaxation. This means you can trigger this feeling whenever you wish.

What I like about mantra is you feel the vibrations in your body. This gives you a point of focus that is physical, thus taking away the need for complicated techniques. Once you tune into your progressive cycles of OM, OH, AH, you begin to notice that your mind has already shifted into a deeper meditative state.

As you’ve been reading this, how many times have you stopped to sigh? Try setting the timer on your phone for 5 minutes and simply sit and sigh. Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth as you create various sounds by modifying the shape of your mouth.

What could a daily practice of mantra meditation do for your health? 

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