30 Days of Liberation | Day 07

Be Proud of You

My students teach me so much. Yes, it’s cliche, but it’s true. This is not some false humility or virtue signalling but a simple reality. The question she asked was, “do you feel proud of yourself?”

This question is a difficult one for me to answer. Perhaps this indicates some deeper work needing to be done around self appreciation. I’ll first put the question to you, what are you proud of?

It’s curious, when I think about asking the people I know, I imagine many of them answering with ease while others hsving more difficultly. Could this be due to social conditioning, humility, shyness, or maybe a lack of confidence?

There seems to be something worth looking into here. We deserve to feel proud of ourselves when we do something well.

How can we allow ourselves to feel more proud for just being ourselves?


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