30 Days of Liberation | Day 08

Find Your Place

Day 8. Showing up. What holds me back from greatness? Do I expect enough of me? Do I expect more from others than I do from myself? Maybe I expect too much? Or maybe they are the wrong expectations.

What do I expect from myself? I expect to be fed, watered and kept safe. That’s all? I would like to expect more. What does that include? To be admired by myself. To be acting in the world as someone who has found there place. What does my place look like? Do we know when we are in our place?

So many questions, so few answers. Perhaps I shouldb’t be writing if it’s going to look like this. I much more enjoy my journalling experience since they are intertaining and with substance. Once again, perhaps it’s about connecting my journaling to blogging. How do I preserve the essence? Simply quote the exact entry in the journel. Keep it raw, unedited and authentic.

Have you found your place?

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