30 Days of Liberation | Day 09

Not Showing Up

One could argue that sometimes it’s better not showing up. Depends why you were intending to go somewhere. Is it someting that supports your values or your ego? Are you going with big expectations and following your curiousity? The rule of showing up seems to help more often than not, as it’s easy to be lazy or to make excuses why not to take action.

Does not showing up make you more appreciated since your presence is more scarce? If less is more, then less access to someone would mean that they have more value. How could one explore this? Perhaps just being offline more, pausing before answering messages (even by days), saying less, giving quality but less of it. Leave them wanting more. Not explaining as much, if at all, why or what or when, then see what happens. This seems to point to mystery as a lever for attracting more.

Certainly, the apposite is true that if you give it all freely then there is little mystery and less value. It apprears like some deperation to attract much needed attention. On the other hand, those who just show their thing without explaining, perhaps invike more curiousity and attract more.

What would happened if you went offline for a phase? Who would miss you? What would they miss? Would they want it more?

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