30 Days of Liberation | DAY 10

Nonattachment through Laughter

In attempts to better connect and integrate my distinct processes of journaling and blogging, I’ve decided to begin extracting from some of my journaling insights. I hope you find some value in these just as I do.

“Laugh in the moment that someone wants you to be like they want you to be. This is clearly the best response to dissipate any tension, at least on your side. This is the only aspect you can control, your reaction. If you choose to react with laughter, joy and acceptance, then you have already won the battle by nonattachment”

Writing from a state of flow often brings surprises. Now that I begin to see more clearly the value of these ‘snippets of sanity’, I see that it’s the best way for me to bring focus to my article writing process while sharing their potential value to others.

Thank you for reading.

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